Plyneer Silver B.W.R. Hardwood Water Resistant Block Board - 5 Years Replacement Guarantee*

Rs. 62.75
Rs. 2072 Rs. 1757 / sheet (* GST 18% is Applicable)

Plyneer Silver

Hardwood Commercial Block Boards are made up of extra thick 'A' grade veneers frames and are then filled with batons which are cut out of central beams of the wood without any gaps in between. They are fabricated from extra thick circular pieces of imported wood and long core veneers with Phenol Formaldehyde resin / Glue. Our Boards are virtually indestructible and can resist the vagaries of weather and do not delaminate or swell. Being less hygroscopic, it has much lower tendency to absorb moisture & is very suitable for items exposed to high humidity or rain, making it ideal for premium furniture.


Prescribed Test- ISI 1659 (2004)


          Observed Value

Moisture Content (%)


               10 - 5

Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2)

       5000- 5500                             


Modulus of Rapture (N/mm2)                



Water Absorption (%)                                  



Screw Holding Strength(Kgs)                  

            Min  80


Nail Holding Strength(Kgs)

            Min 50


Squareness Test (%)                            



Edge Straightness Test (%)



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