Plyneer Silver M.R. Hardwood Commercial Plywood - 5 Years Replacement Guarantee*

Rs. 26
Rs. 784 Rs. 728 / sheet (* GST 18% is Applicable)

Plyneer Silver

This Moisture Resistant (M.R.) Plywood is made with selected seasoned hardwood wood veneers and center core of Eucalyptus wood to give superb nail holding strength and balances the Plywood from any bend or wrap. They are then bonded with Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Glue/ Resin under computer controlled temperature and pressure, bonded face to face with the grain running in alternate directions or cross bonding which gives our material its core strength.


Prescribed Test- ISI 303


          Observed Value

Moisture Content (%)



Density (Kg/m3)                                         

          Not Specified         

>625 & also available in 800

Glue Shear Strength (kg) – Dry          

          Min 1350               

> 110

Glue Shear Strength (kg) – Mycological

          Not Specified         

 >No delamination after test

Adhesion of ply

            Not Specified                   


Water absorption test


                < 2%

Screw holding strength(kg)

            Min 180

               > 200

Nail holding strength(kg)

             Min 50

               > 50

Static bending strength



MoR (N/mm2)



Across the grain                                                           

            Min 20                      

               > 20

Along the grain                                

            Min 40                      

               > 40

MoE ( N/mm2) 



Across the grain                                                           

             Min 1800                         

              > 2000

Along the grain                              

             Min 4300                       

            > 4500

Preservative treatment



Glue line                                               


Bioflex chemical treatment

Finished Panel


 Colourless preservative

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